Friday, May 25, 2007

When You're Tired of Lying...

You have to try crying!

Warning! Sensitive material follows!

Excuse me. I have to go now. . . . and puke.

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Blogger Boris said...

These guy are shameless. Liars and criers. Artless as liars and crocodile criers. How an educated electorate could be taken in by these crooked, wicked and twisted clowns is beyond be. I just can't understand my own clusterfucking country

5/25/2007 05:31:00 PM  
Blogger Stella by Starlight said...

I saw it with my own eyes, but I still don't believe it. Jeez, this guy is a real numbnutz. Swift said it all... over 300 years ago...
His majesty, in another audience, was at the pains to recapitulate the sum of all I had spoken; compared the questions he made with the answers I had given; then taking me into his hands, and stroking me gently, delivered himself in these words, which I shall never forget, nor the manner he spoke them in: “My little friend Grildrig, you have made a most admirable panegyric upon your country; you have clearly proved, that ignorance, idleness, and vice, are the proper ingredients for qualifying a legislator; that laws are best explained, interpreted, and applied, by those whose interest and abilities lie in perverting, confounding, and eluding them. I observe among you some lines of an institution, which, in its original, might have been tolerable, but these half erased, and the rest wholly blurred and blotted by corruptions. It does not appear, from all you have said, how any one perfection is required toward the procurement of any one station among you; much less, that men are ennobled on account of their virtue; that priests are advanced for their piety or learning; soldiers, for their conduct or valour; judges, for their integrity; senators, for the love of their country; or counsellors for their wisdom. As for yourself,” continued the king, “who have spent the greatest part of your life in travelling, I am well disposed to hope you may hitherto have escaped many vices of your country. But by what I have gathered from your own relation, and the answers I have with much pains wrung and extorted from you, I cannot but conclude the bulk of your natives to be the most pernicious race of little odious vermin that nature ever suffered to crawl upon the surface of the earth.”
Gulliver's Travels, Book II
~~Jonathan Swift

5/25/2007 07:10:00 PM  
Blogger Coleen Rowley said...

Crying Fuels the Lying"

My recent Googling to nail down current polls as to the percentage of Americans who STILL think Iraq was involved in attacking us on 9-11 turned up some big surprises. You probably remember that originally there were fewer than 10% (including Richard Perle and friends) who, in the first weeks after 9/11, believed in any link. But in the span of about 16 months, Bush’s war drumbeat and Rumsfeld’s lies about the evidence being “bulletproof” were so successful, that by February 2003, they had 72% of all Americans believing Saddam was “personally involved in the September 11 attacks.” One poll at the time found that almost half of all Americans believed that one or more of the 9/11 hijackers WERE Iraqi and seventy-three percent believed that Saddam was currently helping al-Qaeda.

It wasn’t until September 2003 with polls still at 70% that Bush explicitly stated for the first time there was no evidence Saddam Hussein was involved in the September 1lth attacks. The percentage of blindly trusting Americans slowly began to drop. An April 2004 poll found that 57 percent of Americans surveyed believed that Iraq was helping Al Qaeda before the war, including 20 percent who believed Iraq was linked to the September 11th attacks. By the end of 2005, with more truth coming out about Bush’s pre-war deception, the numbers had dropped down even further. Only 41% of U.S. adults still believed that Saddam Hussein had "strong links to Al Qaeda."

But then, surprise, surprise! A big rebound occurs. A poll released in July 21, 2006—-the last one I could find—-went back up to 64% believing that Saddam Hussein had strong links to Al Qaeda. Worse still, according to a March 2, 2006, Zogby International Poll, 90% of American troops in Iraq believed that “they were fighting to avenge Saddam Hussein's role in 9/11."

I’m working on a longer piece trying to explain the continued vitality of this otherwise bad lie but suffice it to say Boehner’s crying act is part of the neo-con scheme that works to create its own reality.

5/25/2007 07:10:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who needs enemies like al Quaeda when you have friends like this lost soul! What I find really disturbing is the fact, that not only is he somewhat suspect on his reasoning, knowledge and communication but that he is in the position of power, voted by Americans, to lead them and chart the course which your country should be following.

My goodness, I fully realize that there are cultural differences between me and you, the Americans, but I put it to you - this sorry character could never be elected anywhere in Europe to become a dog catcher.

And while I am at it, I also draw your attention to the need for you to elect only those whom have the greatest of religious credentials. No matter what, that's the number one criteria to select anybody for anything. Surely, it has to be all around hypocrisy running wild among you because otherwise it would be too bizarre. At the drop of a hat, what ever is the venue, what ever is the agenda, prayer meeting can break out without any warning. From where I look at you, you are the only Western theocracy!

Over to you, my dear Vigil&CO!

5/25/2007 07:27:00 PM  
Blogger J.C. said...

All very good posts here. Ha ha.
What a new low America has sunk down into. It makes a person wonder, just what is going to happen next?
We seem to be spinning out of control. This Political system is unhinged.
There is a lot of 'money' at stake here though.
That is why the 'money' was voted on through to fund the 'war'
We are on the verge of a chaotic situation in America.

5/25/2007 07:44:00 PM  
Blogger Not Your Mama said...

What I find really disturbing is the fact, that not only is he somewhat suspect on his reasoning, knowledge and communication but that he is in the position of power, voted by Americans, to lead them and chart the course which your country should be following.

I saw this bit on the news and it didn't move me much.

What disturbs me is when a 19 year old boy is killed and the best thing his parent can say about him is "he never even got arrested". No, of course he didn't, not when his parent willing signed him into a combat unit in the middle of a pointless war when he was only 17 years old.

Convenient to have your directionless and wayward child die a hero so instead of being embarassed in front of your neighbors you can now proudly display his 8 x 10 glossy on the wall of the new doublewide you bought with the death benefits and forever more speak proudly of your son the dead hero.

This is something I saw a little too close to home a little too recently so if I'm sounding a little bitter and uncaring at the moment it's because I am.

With people like this amongst us why would I be surprised that we elect people like Boehner?

Yeah, I know, it's against the unwritten rules to say things like that but I'm way past caring about the rules.

5/25/2007 10:37:00 PM  
Blogger Stella by Starlight said...

Aw, vigilante, I'm blushing! A great anti-war read is Swift's Conduct of the Allies. I'd love to download the entire essay on our site, but it's too long. He was a wordsmith without peer.

Pekka? Where have you been? Of course, you are talking about religious fanatics. Anyone who's a fanatic is a danger to their society and themselves.

5/28/2007 05:34:00 PM  

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