Friday, May 19, 2006

Re-Elect Al Gore for President?

Well, one can make the case that after eight (8!) years of the worst presidency in history (TWPIH), something decisive needs to be done to begin right all the wrongs that have been done to the American governance, politics, international stature, and heritage. Yes, after TWPIH there is a real need for a course correction led by one of the best possible presidents we can muster.

But why would Al Gore want the job? History has already validated him: it's well settled that the American electorate made the worse choice - ever - in 2000. (OK, Okay, they actually elected him, but it shouldn’t have been close.)

Gore's legacy as the road-not-taken is huge. Without ever being seated at his desk in the Oval Office, his stature will eventually - in his lifetime - achieve Rushmorian proportions. If he does nothing more than write books and make movies, he remains an all-time American hero.

He has a lot to lose if he runs for president.

The problem is, there is some ambiance about, that people feel, whether they call it a mandate from heaven or manifest destiny. Gore will be confronted to respond to this call, one way or the other.

I won't be alive, mid-21st century. But I hope history will have recorded:
In 2008, Al Gore ran for President and to restore the American republic.
The gospel truth is Al doesn't need it nearly as bad as we need him.

But we are still in the middle of 2006. Your assignment for next week is to see
An Inconvenient Truth. Next Saturday, there will be a quiz or poll or something on this. I will grade on a curve. Take the Pledge!