Friday, June 02, 2006

My Two Cents

One (Or Two) More Polls!

While I'm briefly on the subject of polls, I have two on-going, long-running ones, both on liberal and progressive talking heads.

The first is Progressive Talking Heads?

And the second is Best Progressive Voices in Electronic Media 2006!

Readers may feel entitled to partake in either or both.

But here's the real provocation for bringing these up:

I profess to be a fan of Air America. I profess, further to harbor extreme likes and dislikes among them.

I especially like Al Franken, whom I've met, because of the range of his guests and locations from which he broadcasts. He gets out and meets the folk from the big cities and small burgs across our (once great) Country.

I also especially like Randi Rhodes, on some days. (I can't tell if I like her on those days when she is on her drugs or off her drugs.) But when she's in the grove, she's very, very good. She gets me pumped and gets me to see the connections between dots which I have been overlooking. Days when she's off, I switch to classical jazz.

But I never have a good time with Stephanie Miller. Miller is one smart and angry bitch. Can someone help me find what I don't like about her? Is she too angry? Yes, can it be that I feel her anger exceeds her ability to express it, leaps over the bounds of articulation and intelligible syntax? And the laugh (is it hers?) that I hear on the show (in the background?) is among the most grating sounds I have ever heard on the radio. (If she had a TV show I could at least jump out of my chair to see where it was coming from!)

Anyway, that's my two cents. It feels good to have gotten it off my chest. The best way to shrug off a burden is to share it.

My two cents....