Monday, June 12, 2006

Inconvenient Truths?

Al Gore's movie surpassed my expectations.

I saw An Inconvenient Truth Sunday. Among other things, I realized the youngest and newest members of our electorate have never experienced hearing an articulate statesman talk from the heart about his innermost convictions, speak up for the American national interest, demonstrate intellectual command of a complicated subject, or evoke pride from his audience when they realize they have elected, to the highest office in our once-great country, obviously qualified leadership.

Imagine what that might feel like for the first time. Just imagine....

For the rest of us - jaded citizen-voters - imagine how much better off we might be if other inconvenient truths could be unearthed? Like
  • Electronic balloting without paper trails invites electoral fraud.

  • American even-handedness on Israeli-Palestinian issues

  • Investigation of how intelligence was fixed for the Iraq invasion (often promised Senate Committee on Intelligence Phase 2 Report).

  • Judicial review of all domestic counter-terror surveillance activities.

  • Democracy needs the middle class and the middle class needs the restoration of a truly progressive income tax

  • A declaration that the United States will never again engage in preventive/preemptive war.
Just for starters?

Now who could it be who could best lead us back to truth and the American Way?