Saturday, October 21, 2006

The World Series

The October Classic Breaks out today. The 2006 version is not East Coast-West Coast contest. Even though Detroit and St. Louis are 'fly-over sites, but hardly nondescript. Both are authentic franchises from the original 16 teams of MLB's first 50 years. Opposing managers Jim Leyland and Tony La Russa are close friends who have enjoyed close working relationships in the past. Both managers have won a world Series before. This year the winning manager will become the second in history to have won a World Series for both leagues. Watching this series will be a treat to all who enjoy and esteem close competition between close friends. Just like adversaries in the blogosphere, right?

At this time of year, I dust off my list of changes which I feel will "fix" an un-broken game. Touching up the Perfectly Logical and Symmetrical Baseball League up a bit, I came up with a 9th Item.