Sunday, December 24, 2006

A Special Day,

but Just an Average Sunrise in Paradise...
The best of Season's Greetings to all who do me the honor of entrusting their thoughts to these pages.
Beach, Biker, Cooper, Cyber, Dr. Maxtor, E, Emily, FoodBlogger, GetaLife, Gnade, Guthrum, Hills (Jr & Sr), IP, LTE, Lil'Bill, M.D., Mad Mike, Malfrat, Messenger, Muhammed Saeed al-Sahaf, Newt, Not Yo'Mama, Patriot, Pekka, Pinks, Recidivist, RJH Jr, Schmog, Skip, Star, Stella, Wizard and Soros' Proxy (last but definitely not the least!).

After this interlude was over, my 88-Year old Redoct (Dobie years) was totally pissed off that I had not moved from my perch on the sand berm. When I tried to stand in the loose sand he knocked my ass down the slope and then, adding injury to insult, bit me (breaking skin) as I tried to rise. Now , he hasn't done that puppy trick in years.

So here's a raised tip of my Corona to all of my friends in these pages - hoping that this season also brings back to you a similar rejuvenation. Dawg knows, every man needs a good bite every so often.