Sunday, January 28, 2007

Representatives Nancy Pelosi and Jack Murtha in Baghdad and Kabul!

In a perfect world foreign policy should begin at the water's edge.

The president should represent the voice of the American people, united in their trust in him. But, an exception has to be made when the worst president in history insists on remaining 'The Decider' for the last two years of his last term. Based upon his past decisions in the Middle East, he has lost the trust and confidence of the American people. In his case, the national interest requires another voice. Now, finally, we have one.

If the worst president in history can't be impeached, he can be ignored. The nation cannot wait for a new decider.

Friendly Fire

Poodles Make for Very Faithful Lap Dogs

In the aftermath of the Pentagon's cover-up of the friendly fire death of Lance Corporal Matty Hull, Prime Minister Tony Blair did his level best to express contrition.

He Said,
I am the person who above all can give evidence as to the difficulty and sometimes the political penalty you pay for a close relationship with the US, but we shouldn't give that up in any set of circumstances.

The relationship with America is what opens lots of doors everywhere, including the Middle East. For better or worse, this country for the last 10 years has been right at the heart of every single major international agenda - whether it is terrorism, climate change, Africa, whatever it is.
Originally published 8-February-07