Friday, April 20, 2007

The Parable of the Three I's: Iraq, Iran & Israel (Part I)

It's a Friday night rant.

I've had a cluster-fooked up day and I can say any damned thing I want to. While the Silver Bullets in the fridge last, anyways.

So here's the deal.

This fooking war occupation is costing us Americans 10 erased or ruined lives and $177,000,000 each day it goes on. Bush has no surge strategy. It's just a urge & splurge gimmick to deliver the mess to a Democrat president. It's no plan; it's just an attitude. That's why it's so mercurial and changing. But the principle is always the same: hold the slo-bleed course until December 2008.

Enough is enough. It is time to leave Iraq-Nam. Past time.

What are we defending? The puppet Maliki (government) we had them Iraqis elect at the point of our guns? Who won the contests of the purple thumbs? the Shiites? Okay: turn everything over to the Shiites. They're sufficiently armed and trained. They may have poorly regulated militias but they're more regulated than 90% of the N.R.A. in our country. (And we know the N.R.A. is the fountainhead of American Liberty.)

And fook the Sunnis. Let Allah sort them out. They're the ones we're always find sleeping with the al Qaeda, right?

Them Shia are too closely aligned with Iranians? Well, deal with the Iranians then: talk, negotiate and collaborate with the Persians. After all, there were no Persians on the 9-11 attacks, right? As a matter of fact, thousands of Iranians publicly demonstrated sympathy for us after 9-11. As a matter of fact, Iranian government assisted us in Afghanistan and offered assistance to us immediately after Bush's invasion of Iraq. So, what's stopping us from detente with Iran?


It's Israel, isn't it?

Gonzo is Burnt Toast!

Meet your new Attorney General!
Shrub wanted to follow his strong suit (loyalty) and nominate his Bro.... but Jeb neglected to get a law degree. So it's this guy!

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