Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The United States Embassy in Baghdad

Our $600,000,000 Iraq War Memorial?

One year ago last week, I published this image:
Now it looks like this:

It's on budget at $592,000,000.

According to the architects, Berger Devine Yaeger, Inc.,
. . .this self-contained compound will include the embassy itself, residences for the ambassador and staff, PX, commissary, cinema, retail and shopping, restaurants, schools, fire station and supporting facilities such as power generation, water purification system, telecommunications, and waste water treatment facilities. In total, the 104 acre compound will include over twenty buildings including one classified secure structure and housing for over 380 families.

Of course, with a 30% increase in staffing size since Congress approved the project two years ago, it is now estimated that being "represented" in Baghdad will cost a staggering $1.2 billion per year to run. 1,000 officials assigned to it and a supporting staff (from food service workers to Marine guards and private security contractors) of several thousand more.

Is this the Iraq-Nam War Memorial Americans would choose if they knew about it?