Friday, August 10, 2007

Regularly Scheduled Commemorative Friday (for the G.O.P.) Was Almost Canceled

I almost discontinued my once-a-week series to celebrate the residues of the once-great Republican Party .

This was because of the unanimous Republican support in the Senate and the House of Representatives for Bush's so-called The Protect America Act. Only one conclusion is possible. What passes for the old Republican Party is nothing other than detritus and roadkill marking the path of the Wehrmacht which they have so imprudently installed and slavishly supported in the White House. Except . . .

Except for the fact that the Republican vote for the shredding of our Constitution was not unanimous. Two Congressmen stood up against shredding our American Constitution. They were Reps

Timothy V. Johnson of Illinois and Walter Jones of North Carolina

Walter Jones once was a Democrat, and switched after 1994. Early a supporter of Bush's invasion of Iraq, he initiated the Freedom Fries and Freedom Toast idea. Could he switch back again? He is right on Iraq, right on trade, and right on FISA.

If only more Republicans could think for themselves like Johnson and Jones, America would be better off.

That's all I have to say in behalf of Republicans this week. The way I figure it, 22% of the Democrats in Congress may have voted in favor of shredding the Constitution, but 99% of the Groveling and Obsequious Publicans followed their dear decider's direction.

'Nuff said.