Sunday, August 26, 2007

Zbigniew Brzezinski Has Endorsed a Democratic Candidate for President

Jimmy Carter's national security adviser and one of the most influential foreign-policy experts in the Democratic Party, Zbigniew Brzezinski, threw his support behind and endorsed one of the Democractic candidates more than four months before the first 2008 primary. He does not want Bush-lite.
Brzezinski said in an interview on Bloomberg Television's Political Capital with Al Hunt that Illinois Senator Barack Obama has a better global grasp than his chief rival, Hillary Clinton.

Obama, Zbig said,
recognizes that the challenge is a new face, a new sense of direction, a new definition of America's role in the world.

Obama is clearly more effective and has the upper hand. He has a sense of what is historically relevant, and what is needed from the United States in relationship to the world.

There is a need for a fundamental rethinking of how we conduct world affairs.And Obama seems to me to have both the guts and the intelligence to address that issue and to change the nature of America's relationship with the world.
Brzezinski discounted the assertion that Senator Clinton has an edge in experience on Obama.
Being a former first lady doesn't prepare you to be president. President Truman didn't have much experience before he came to office. Neither did John Kennedy. And I don't think the country needs to go back to what we had eight years ago.
Brzezinski also sided with Obama, who was criticized by Clinton as being ``irresponsible'' and ``naïve'' for saying he would meet in his first year as president with leaders of adversaries such as Iran and Syria.
What's the hang-up about negotiating with the Syrians or with the Iranians? What it in effect means is that you only talk to people who agree with you.
Brzezinski is 79; Clinton is 59, and Obama is 46. but if elected, Barack Obama will be older than Jack Kennedy was.