Monday, October 01, 2007

This Is Red October's Day!

RedOct is 13 today.

That's 91 dog years. Enough to win him some respect. And sympathy, too. Not that he's ever asked for it.

He's led a rich and varied life.

  • Local Champion at Ultimate Frisbee
  • Self-Anointed Bouncer at the Off-the Leash Bark Park
  • Swims better than Labradors (they never take his sticks or kick sand in his face anymore)
  • Serial rodent-killer (body count in double digits)
  • Mobile alarm clock, doorbell, dishwasher and winter blanket
  • Body guard for grand children
  • Personal trainer
  • Loyal and non-judgmental companion
  • Outdoors blogger
  • Teacher of life
  • Indispensable presence
Whichever one of the two us ultimately gets left behind will be a mess.

I worry about that because, although RedOct is slightly older

than I am, he's in much better
shape. (No Coronas, M&M's or Hagendaz.)

For one thing, he can still run.

Here's to Ya, Big Guy!