Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Run Al, Run!

The Noble Candidacy.

The Nobel Peace Prize announcement in Oslo, Norway is scheduled for Oct. 12.

Newsweek is suggesting that if the Nobel Committee picks Al Gore, together with an Academy Award's Oscar, it could be the tipping point for a groundswell of crossover voters' support. But time is running out for America's 2nd chance at Al Gore, for sure. Deadlines for petitions for state primary ballots provides the biggest squeeze. Some Gore backers think he's already decided to run, but speculate that he doesn't want politics to interfere with his Nobel chances. If he wins? Roy Gayhart of the California Progress Report says,
We feel that if Gore wins the Nobel Prize … then he can’t not run for president.
Myself? I've always believed that Al Gore has already earned his place in history. By virtue of being denied his presidency by SCOTUS after having beaten the shit head in 2000 (who eventually morphed into the worst president in American History), Al Gore deserves Rushmorian status.

'What's in it for him?' I've always argued.

However, there's a lot at stake for America. He's definitely more than a stop-Hillary candidate. He's America's best
Repudiate-Bush Candidate. Though I'd bet against him running, I'd freaking bet on his winning. Big. Stakeholders in his candidacy are wide-spread. World wide.

The Nobel announcement comes in three days' time.

But I can wait. I've had my GORE '08 bumper sticker on since Dec' 04.