Friday, November 23, 2007

Ron Paul Is Anointed into the Goldwater Lineage of the GOP

Barry Goldwater is My Republican of the Week.

Barry M. Goldwater, Jr., son of the late former Republican presidential candidate and Arizona Senator Barry Goldwater, has endorsed Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul for president. Goldwater Jr. retired from politics in 1983 after serving 14 years in Congress.

His late father, Barry M. Goldwater, Sr. is credited with sparking the modern conservative movement and was the Republican Party presidential nominee in 1964.

Endorsing Ron Paul, Barry Jr. said
America is at a crossroads. We have begun to stray from our traditions and must get back to what has made us the greatest nation on earth or we will lose much of the freedom we hold dear. Ron Paul stands above all of the other candidates in his commitment to liberty and to America. Leading America is difficult, and I know Ron Paul is the man for the job.
Ron Paul's Campaign manager Lew Moore:
The Ron Paul campaign is exceptionally honored by Mr. Goldwater’s endorsement. Dr. Paul and Congressman Goldwater fought together in the Congress for the ideals of limited constitutional government that Mr. Goldwater’s father so tirelessly advocated. The Goldwaters have left an indelible mark on the Republican Party, and theirs is a legacy which Congressman Paul will certainly inherit as President.
This endorsement formalizes Ron Paul as the natural standard bearer for true American Conservatism.