Friday, May 16, 2008

Yes! It's Republican Friday!

Republicans say RINO's are an endangered species.

Yes, it's that time of the week again, where I try to stand up a live Republican who's a true conservative, meaning a non-Neo- conservative. It's getting progressively harder to find real conservatives. I think that's probably because party neo-purists are in the process of purifying putrefying the Grand Old Party, shrinking the G.O.P.'s tent. It's as if The Club for Growth is actively preoccupied with hunting RINO's down. In preparation for a 2012 comeback, the RNC has been directed to return to 'basic principles'. But about what basic principles, I think there's a lot of confusion.

This morning, I misspent an hour trying to read and understand some anti-McCain Republican blogs, and I have come away with my mind completely at sea. It's like they are talking and writing in a completely different language. The Vigil's staff has an opening for a Lexicographer!

Anyways, nominations are open for an authentic, reality-based, budget-balancing, constitution-defending, non-warmongering Republican.