Tuesday, June 03, 2008

This Is Our Time !!!

As well as it should be. But...
It will still be an uphill slog. Barack Obama is faced with a shot gun political wedding with Hillary Clinton. That promises to be a 'dream ticket'? Maybe. But, as David Gergen has said, that might end up like a blissful four-month honeymoon followed by a short, four-year marriage-from-hell. In the mean time, Barry will have to worry about keeping crazy Uncle Bubba away from daughters Sasha and Malia!

"Drop" Weapons

Two Quick Questions:

What happens when the world's best and most professional military machine gets assigned to a war occupation where we have no business, experience, linguistic or cultural affinity?

Who are the "al Qaeda", "al Qaeda types", "enemies", "extremists", "Iranian agents", "militants", "special groups", and "terrorists"?

They are Iraqis !
"Drop" weapons have been infused into chain of command's informal de facto rules of engagement.

The American public doesn't know. The American public doesn't want to know. The American public doesn't care.