Friday, June 20, 2008

Today in the House Judiciary Committee

Follow-Up Questions will be asked and answered.

What a novel idea!

Scott McClellan will face tough questioning from the few Republicans who show up at the hearings House Judiciary Committee today. One of the Republicans expected to show up is Texan Lamar Smith. On the Progressive side, we will have Floridian Robert Wexler (my nominee to keynote the Democratic National Convention.) After years of top-level Bush Administration officials ignoring the committee's subpoenas and refusing to testify, McClellan's willingness to talk signals a special occasion to Wexler:
Scott McClellan made some remarkably significant comments and revelations in his book regarding the truthfulness of the Bush Administration, and under oath, we'll have an opportunity to examine those revelations.

So far, the administration, by and large, has thumbed its nose at Congress. This is, I think, the first and best opportunity the public has had to get a glimpse of the degree of the abuse of power that President Bush and Vice President Cheney have foisted on the American people.

The evidence he provides should be expounded upon and I think Mr. Rove should be brought before the committee. And I don‘t think we should simply stop at issuing contempt citations. I believe we should go further.

The White House has abused the executive privilege process before on many occasions. It's a very difficult argument to make here. I mean, Mr. McClellan has written a book for the whole world to see. Any expectation of privilege or privacy with respect to Mr. McClellan seems to have been long waived. I think it would be a farce if that was attempted.

One of the most interesting parts of what will happen will be not only the questions of the Democrats, but I think it'll be interesting to hear the questions of the Republicans. Some Republicans both on the committee and off the committee may choose to seek to undermine Mr. McClellan's credibility.

I think there will be some people who will possibly take some of Mr. McClellan's testimony and try to insert (it) in the articles of impeachment. I think we have an obligation to follow the evidence one way or the other.
Stay tuned.

It's (Republican) Friday, You Bastards

And, as Randi Rhodes used to say on Fridays,
It's time to bounce our boobies!

That's probably my subconcious reason for having picked Friday as the one day of the week where we celebrate a few good Republicans.

The only problem is, I don't consider this week's selection either a boob or a booby. In fact, he's just a Bob!

Meet Bob Kelleher from Montana!

Kelleher won the Republican (June 3, 2008) primary for the U.S. Senate.
Despite a history of running as a Democrat and a Green several years ago, Big Bob got 'er done as a GOP-er in a crowded field and is an the official Republican nominee for U.S. Senate from the state of Montana. As can be seen by the results, he won by a 'fur piece'.

His slogan is
Working For Montanans, Not Lobbyists
Kelleher is an 85-year-old attorney with some downright unconventional views. Major planks/complaints in his campaign are:
  • wants a “nonviolent revolution” to overthrow the foundation of American government.

  • favors enormous, FDR-style government work programs to reduce poverty.

  • he wants to nationalize the American oil and gas industries.

  • supports government-run, socialized medicine.
He has little nice to say about President Bush or former Montana Gov. Marc Racicot.

Understandably, Big Bob is a pariah to the Montana State Republican Party, who can be counted on for alloting Kelleher less than $1.00 for his campaign funds.

Why has he been able to get as far as he has? What does this mean?

Is the world, as we have come to know it, changing?