Sunday, June 22, 2008

Good News & Bad News!

Bad News First!

I won't have as much time to blog in the near future. (Actually, that might be good news to some readers!)

But the really, really, good news is that I'm ahead of both
Barack Obama and John McCain. Way ahead.

I've selected my running mate! And she's a woman!
Well, actually she's a girl! A dark-eyed beauty!

Catherine Ballou

As in Cat Ballou! But do not try nicknaming her as "Cat". It's Ballou or 'Blue' for short!

We rescued Ballou yesterday from a shelter in 100+ degrees!

Doberman Pinschers come in black & tans, reds, fawns, and blues. Ballou is a blue.

Ballou will finish my beer whenever it gets warm, so I'll always have an excuse to open a fresh one! She's also taken over on the George W. Bush chew-toy where
RedOct left off.

Her age is estimated at approximately six months, so we're fixing her birthday on the day that RedOct left us. He would approve.

I asked him.