Monday, July 07, 2008

The Arte de Pico Award

This award has been offered to The Vigil by the very, very talented Stella of Swiftspeech.

Well, thank you very, very much, Stella. I never thought I would eligible for this, because I do not disclose my real name. I also never expected to accept any award from another blogger: their reading and commenting is all I ever have ever hoped for. So much I have learned from my fellow bloggers, on my pages as well as on theirs, that I am the last one who should receive such an award - especially to be considered among the ranks of the Parrothead, Mike - the Mad American, MariaMariaCuchita, and my fellow refugees from Sozadee! We - all of us - are in the shadow of Swiftspeech's prolific quality, 24-7! Because of their company, which I wish to keep, I have no other alternative than to humbly accept this coveted award from the Stellar Stella.

And so I do so - on behalf of my co-writers, Emily, Pekay, and Coleen.