Sunday, July 13, 2008

Results for Our Instant Run-Off Voting (IRV)

Our straw poll for the Democratic Party's candidate for VPOTUS closed July 1st.

Readers of The Vigil determined their choice for Barack Obama's Vice-President. There was a clear winner and a clear loser. 246 readers voted and it took 14 rounds to derive the definitive 50.5%-49.5% result.

At the end of the first ballot, the 15-candidate field looked like this:
At the end of the 10th round the field had narrowed.
Hillary Clinton was eliminated on the 10th Round, so you could consider her finishing 6th. Similarly, Kathleen Sebelious was dropped after the 11th ballot, so finished 5th. My candidate, Wesley Clark, finished 4th. John Edwards was defeated in the 13th round and so finished 3rd. In the final round, Bill Richardson edged out Jim Webb. Here are the complete results!

I'm not sure what all of this signifies. Nevertheless, thanks to everyone who participated.