Sunday, July 20, 2008

Stormin' Norman Goldman Takes It to the MSM!

And so should we!
I think Ed Schultz has taken some huge steps away from being the left-wing equivalent of the Rush Limbaugh talk-show hosting model. Big Eddie does a fun drive-time show. He's better than ever. So I'm not knocking him at all.

But when he has Norman Goldman substituting for him, his show goes up a notch. When I caught Now-Man's opening salvo on Thursday morning, I just knew I had to try and capture it.

Here is the short segmentI have in mind. I have said before that Barack Obama's biggest, most potent adversary is not John McCain. It's the multitudes of talking heads funded by the corporats which presents stenography on the main stream media in stead of journalism. Goldman asks,
Why it is that Barack Obama is being decreed and defined by all these unelected, unappointed, media self-important, arrogant snobs, elitist inside-the-beltway, who all go the same cocktail parties, all smooze with each other, all go to the same fancy restaurants, who all have their cars parked by their valets - why have they all decreed, described and defined Barack Obama?
Unopposed, they will succeed in their endeavors to re-define Obama and render him as an under-achieving, humorless, elitist and a loser instead of a closer.

Not only that. But in view of the fact that McCain is such a joke, These MSM guys seem to be struggling with the fact that Obama is no joke. They want Barack Obama to be like Chris Rock! They want politicians to be entertainers!
What is it with the media, that they must have the president as comedy material?
Goldman thinks the talking heads are trying to play catch up with Jon Stewart and Steve Colbert.
Let me give you newsflash, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, Fox News - I gotta newsflash for you:

Our political system does not exist for your entertainment. These people are not here to entertain yeeeewwww! They're not here to give yeeeeewwwww fodder for your laughter. They are here to give us health care. To get us the hell out of Iraq. They're here to secure loose nuclear material so that al Qaeda doesn't get a dirty bomb and blow us all to kingdom come. They are here to pave our roads, to make taxes fair, to root out waste, fraud and abuse from government; to provide health care for little ol' ladies and little ol' men; to give us prescription drugs that don't kill us. That's what they're here for. It's called solving problems. They're here to solve problems. And these problems are very serious. Is there any comedy material in there you would like to work with?

This ain't a side show for your little bit of amusement. I don't care if some big fat bozo on teevee wonders why Barack Obama can't get over Barack Obama.

It ain't on the agenda, Pal.
Norman Goldman seems to be channeling Andrew Shepherd.

We, the people, have to find ways to reiterate Goldman's news flash to the main stream media:
Get over it.
John McCain's 15 minutes are up.
Barack Obama will be the next President of the United States.