Tuesday, July 22, 2008

McCain Critiques Obama?

The LA Times should be ashamed of itself. Today's front page, A1, shows Obama and General Petreus flying together over Iraq. The caption beneath this picture states that McCain "critiqued" Obama's proposed troop withdrawal plans.

Webster's Third New International Dictionary defines the word "critique" as a
". . .critical examination ...of a ...situation...with a view to determining its nature and limitations..."
McCain did not "critique" Obama's proposal, he vilified Obama and his proposal for withdrawing our troops. The LA Times attributes to McCain powers of thought and discrimination that he does not possess.

McCain, who recently told an interviewer that Iraq's shared border with Pakistan troubles him (revealing his gross geographical ignorance about the Middle East, as Iraq and Pakistan do NOT share a border; they are more than 750 miles apart), and who is unable to describe (in his would-be NY Times op-ed piece) exactly what "Winning the War in Iraq" means, is incapable of critiquing anything. These are just two more of the many misstatements uttered by John McCain as facts, which have been ignored or minimized by the "Main Stream Media" determined to give McCain a "free pass" regardless of how blatant his untruth or gaffe.

McCain's words reveal a disturbing amount of ignorance as well as confirm that he, like Phil Gramm, is an elitist who lacks interest in, or curiosity about, other peoples, their geography and their cultures. For a man who claims that HE possesses the wisdom and experience necessary to be our country's Commander-in-Chief, McCain's ignorance about the larger world in which we all live is both reprehensible and chilling.

Sadly, this morning's LA Times, is caught yet again, minimizing and ignoring McCain's continuing misstatements and gaffes, while subjecting Obama to microscopic scrutiny and cavalier coverage as he continues his historic trip to the Middle East.

Today, the LA Times, in past years an esteemed member of the "Fourth Estate", is once again, found to be MIA.