Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hillary Clinton: Idée Fixe or Fixed Bayonet?

A Mid-Week Rant!

Vig, I gotta tell ya: Listening to Hillary and her latest demands of Obama, I feel like I'm watching the ending of a Sharon Stone thriller, where the character Stone plays refuses to die, unexpectedly revives, and searches for the nearest weapon with which to dismember her opponent.
Hillary has seized upon a weapon which she is wielding while assuring Obama she is of friendly intent. Her latest weapon is disingenuously employed in a cleverly disguised attempt to destroy the 2008 Democratic Party's Nominating convention.

Hillary's scenario for resurrecting herself politically is to use her supporters as a cover for her continuing contention that she is the best candidate to be the 2008 Democratic Party's Presidential nominee. If she fails to steal the 2008 nomination from Obama, then it must be accomplished in 2012, and so her scheme involves "Shock and Awe" in Denver that she hopes will prove helpful both now and, if necessary, in 2012..

In true Rovian fashion, Hillary comes to Obama and claims that her only goal in requesting that her supporters be given large amounts of televised opportunities to throw the convention into emotional uproar and needless rancor is that she wants "to help unite the party".

Vig, Hillary says that her supporters remain upset at the outcome of the Democratic primary races and need to have an "Airing", in Denver, at the 2008 National Democratic Convention, of their grievances. Hillary states that once her supporters have publicly displayed their rage and fury, they will then want to enthusiastically "come together in support of Obama".

Oh wait, she continues, there is one other small thing: her supporters want to put Hillary's name into nomination at the convention, after the "Airing", in order to achieve party unity.

Oh, and wait just another New York minute: there's yet one more thing that Hillary's supporters want: (now, picture this scene, Vig): just as the fevered enthusiasm of Hillary's supporters is building into a movement to crown Hillary as the 2008 Democratic Party's Presidential nominee arrives, Hillary will seize the microphone and suggest to the attendees that they should select Obama "by acclimation" as the Democratic Party's Presidential nominee!

By placing herself at the microphone, Hillary succeeds in orchestrating Obama's nomination, turning the attention away from him and onto herself as she pretends to be a gracious political "midwife" to the accomplishing of Obama's nomination.

Hillary's requests, couched in terms of the perceived needs of her "suffering" supporters, are solely designed to aggrandize HER accomplishments, and can only sow dissension, intensify hurt and angry feelings among her supporters, and create chaos within the convention itself, and within the hearts and minds of the viewing public.

If she truly believes that her supporters need to experience a therapy session, she and her supporters need to hire a clinical psychologist, or other qualified mental health professional, and talk together in the presence of a trained facilitator. Staging a televised " free-for-all" pseudo group therapy "venting" session in the name of unifying the Democratic party, is a disguised attempt to sabotage the pitiful attempts being made to unify a Democratic Party, still bleeding from the wounds Hillary inflicted upon Obama in the primaries.

Hillary's scheme is a pathetic attempt to publicly force the convention's delegates and the viewing audience to celebrate Hillary's accomplishments while minimizing those of Obama. It is an hijacking of the Democratic Party's convention, and has one purpose only: she wants to ensure that Obama will be defeated by McCain. Her motives are so transparently clear, it would be laughable were Hillary not so intent on positioning herself for another run for the Presidency in 2012 that she is once again attempting to destroy the Democratic Party and its rightful nominee.

Yet again, Hillary Rodham Clinton's ruthless Republican roots shine through her lies: she, like far too many Republicans, knows no shame in her personal pursuit of political power.