Wednesday, August 13, 2008

John McCain Is the Natural Heir to the Bush Family Tradition in Foreign Policy

An Embarassingly Pathetic and Ludicrous Strain of Bald-Faced Hypocrisy

I'll begin by showing John McCain my map of Georgia.

I'm speaking of the Bush I, Bush II and Bush III tradition of their writing checks the American economy can't cash, of their making promises they can't keep and their issuing ultimatums that go ignored without consequences.

It was George Herbert Walker Bush who urged the Kurds and the Shiites to rebel against Saddam in 1991, suggesting that the
Iraqi military and the Iraqi people... take matters into their own hands and force Saddam Hussein, the dictator, to step aside.
When the Kurds tried to do just that, and begged for help, the best 41 could offer was sympathy. The Iraqi officer corps decided to remain loyal to Saddam.

In 2005, his erst- worst-while son George W made a commitment in our name when he went to Georgia, and said to an ecstatic crowd,
The path of freedom you have chosen is not easy, but you will not travel it alone. Americans respect your courageous choice for liberty. And as you build a free and democratic Georgia, the American people will stand with you.... Free societies are peaceful societies. And by extending liberty to millions who have not known it, we will advance the cause of freedom, and we will advance the cause of peace ..... The sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia must be respected -- the territorial [sic] and sovereignty of Georgia must be respected by all nations.
And now comes John McCain, who never saw a war he didn't love, following along with a ginned-up statement at yesterday's town meeting at the Expo Center in York Pennsylvania. He said that Georgian President Saakashvili
... knows that the thoughts and prayers and support of the American people are with that brave little nation as they struggle today for their freedom and independence. He wanted me to say thank you, to give you his heartfelt thanks for the support of the American people…. Today, We Are All Georgians

The impact of Russian actions goes beyond their threat to democratic Georgia. Russia used violence against Georgia to send a signal to any country that chooses to associate with the West. We must make clear to Russian leaders that the benefits they enjoy from being part of the civilized world require respect for the values, stability and peace of that world.
It is not only just that their policies are cumulatively mistaken and wrong-headed. We are at the end of our rope in terms of international and national resources. I do not have to detail the catastrophic loss in world esteem and prestige we have suffered since the coronation of this enfant terrible from Crawford. I do not have to repeat a litany of the extravagant expenditures in terms of blood, treasure and military assets and materiel we have squandered in his elective invasion and occupation of Iraq. It's a minimalist statement to say our resources and assets are over-extended, and that our occupation of Iraq has overstayed its welcome.

It is that these clowns and imposters - George and John - are so incompetent in their thinking. I'm using their words as an index of their thinking ability, or lack thereof. Watch George try to put together his reaction to the Russian invasion of Georgia. He struggles with and mangles a statement prepared for him by others, at one place juxtaposing Russian Democracy [sic!] with Georgian Democracy! It's a pathetic attempt at communicating defiance and determination.

Or take McCain! John's treatise on the geopolitical realities of Georgia which were ripped intact from the pages of Wikipedia.

Please don't anyone tell me Americans have the government they deserve. I didn't do anything to deserve this atrocious occupation of the capital of my country! For almost a whole decade! Where, oh God, has the sense of self-respect of my fellow Americans gone? To my fellow countrymen who voted for Bush twice I ask,

Why do you hate America?
When will you show her some respect?
Elect the Barack Obama - Wesley Clark American Restoration Team.