Saturday, September 27, 2008

George Bush's Style of Politics

  • Neglect
  • Catastrophe
  • Fear & Panic
  • Devolution of Responsibility
  • Unsustainable Cost
I don't know nothing about E-Con-Nom-Min-Eee! I slept through my graduate school seminar in international economics. As a matter of fact my most memorable experience in that class was when my corn-cob pipe spun out of my slack jaw and fell into my lap, rightside-up, still warm and unnoticed. In old-school, you could smoke (anything) in class! 'Nuff said: I guess I have something in common with John McCain, after all.

As the events of the last week unfolded around us, Trophy Wife and I slowly began to realize that it was not necessarily economic and financial expertise which contained the key to understanding events. Just living through the last eight years was enough. Jon Stewart captured our Gestalt moment:
People say that I'm dwelling too much in the past, that I should look to the present and think about what we Americans should do for ourselves, going forward.

When they say that, I have to suppress an impulse to douse their crowns with my Corona.

We Americans can't move forward until we shuck off the freebooters and free-marketeers who pushed us off the bridge to the 21st Century Nowhere in the first place.