Thursday, October 02, 2008

Tonight's Contests

After work, I have a 5:30 meeting which could be exciting and challenging for me to attend, long enough to pound on the table with my shoes anyway. Then, I'll have to leave early enough to catch an event on my teevee.

Only, I'll have to think for a minute as to which of the two simultaneously televised contests I should watch.

Ok, That didn't really take all of sixty seconds...

Only one of these games is played on a level playing field. In only one of these games, the strike zone hasn't been shrunk through negotiation by one team as a condition of showing up. Only one of these games will be officiated by an umpire who is not being vilified for having written a book. In only one of these games will no tie suffice. In only one of these games will the two teams have identical standards of success, 'diminished levels of expectancy' having been relegated to the bookies in Las Vegas.

I want to be there to see and feel history in the making. That other (fake) game? I'll just watch the highlights later.