Wednesday, October 08, 2008

John McCain Is Not 'My Friend'

Maybe because his sense of timing is off.

Nothing is more tiresome than hearing this superannuated candidate address all of us - individually - in his audience as 'my friend'. It's presumptuous. It comes across as grasping. He may be wanting to be my friend, but it's not a reciprocated feeling. I don't want to be friends with him. I don't want to have a beer with him. Not even a frosty-cold Corona on a hot & dusty afternoon.

McCain's running for president eight years after it was his year to run. In 2000, he was fit for higher office. He was still then a maverick. I actually voted for him in the California primary. (It was the first opportunity I had to vote against George Bush.) But the aging process has weakened his grasp on everything. It shows in his incredible gaffs. It shows in his pandering make-overs into Bush III.

I understand why he's running.
  • He's always been ambitious to be a president or a presidential nominee.
  • He's the best - or the least objectionable - of the depleted and discredited stock from which the GOP has to draw upon.
There's nothing wrong with ambition nor bidding or bluffing with the cards you're holding. But I don't see that Republican stock improving much in the coming years. The only real authentic change(ling) figure on the horizon for 2012 is Sara Barracuda.
Before the laughter drowns me out, let me say that timing is everything in politics. Just as 2008 was too late for McCain and passably okay for both Barrack and Hillary, it's much too early for Palin. She has much to learn. But she's a quick study. I'm just saying that, assuming she doesn't thoroughly disgrace and discredit herself this year, the girl has a future.

I'm not saying I'm betting on her. I'm just sayin'...