Saturday, November 01, 2008

Avoid the 5th of November Nightmare!

Ever since I had this nightmare (see news video below the fold) showing what might happen if I personally didn’t do my part this coming Tuesday, we’ve been out doorknocking and greeting Metro Transit Station commuters at 6 am with messages to get out and vote.

This was my nightmare:
Anyway, I got busy and patched up this old weather-beaten sign that—long story—has been around our house since the lead-up to the crushing 2004 election. The good news is there’s now proof that campaign signs ARE indeed bio-degradable and this one ought to be nominated for sign sainthood. It was pretty much gone—more spirit than substance—but it’s kept our hope alive all this time and still does the best job of conveying what this coming election is essentially all about—finally getting another chance to “Say NO to Bush” (and his horrible policies) by saying “NO to McCain-Bush”; “NO to Coleman-Bush” and (for those of us down in southern suburbs) “No to Kline-Bush”. (How anyone could vote for Obama and yet also vote for the corrupt Bush sycophants Norm Coleman and John Kline—as some polls have shown is the case--is just beyond my understanding! But then again our less-than-stellar newspapers were duped this way too.)

So I painstakingly patched this sentimental favorite back together and will be holding it at the end of Election Day 2008 and hopefully crying some tears of joy that we’ve finally accomplished this goal. We’ve also, however, been painting some brand new bright blue banners and signs that say “Had ENOUGH?” “VOTE for CHANGE” and one that says “VOTE or shut up”. I hope to have enough painted by Monday to put a large banner and sign on each of the four corners on the intersection of 42 and Cedar Ave in downtown Apple Valley but we’ll need help holding them all. I’ve been told the Apple Valley one is the busiest intersection in Dakota County and it’s just a couple blocks from a voting place!

In the last hours to the election, it’s valuable to reinforce the momentum and remind folks one last time by holding visible banners and signs at our busiest intersections. None of us want to be responsible for that one missing vote that could have made the difference.

Let's everyone, whatever we resolve to do between now and Tuesday, let's not fail to carry through. Let's end this - our national nightmare - this week.