Thursday, November 13, 2008

Much is Expected of POTUS #44

This is the Best Case Scenario.
Just how high is the bar of expectancy held for Barack Obama?
Pretty damned high. Here are the details.

But the devil is really in the details of today's headlines:

With all of these devils Bush and Cheney are leaving for Barry to exorcise, I'm not looking forward to 2009 as a very good year. Assuming I have to live through it, I'm not sure I'll want to be blogging or even reading politics.

Personally, I'm all set for disappointment. I've always argued for impeachment; failing that, for undoing all that Bush has done, sort of a reset button on the 21st century. That's the improbable scenario, isn't it? From this perspective, the election of Barack Obama has never been the solution for me, but a grand, satisfying and enjoyable consolation.