Friday, November 21, 2008

Hillary Clinton: Madam Chairman or Madam Secretary?

My headlines are disquieting.

They tell me that Hillary Clinton, in playing hard to get, is playing Barack Obama. What has happened to the Obama PR machine? asks the San Jose Examiner. The Obama campaign has run an extremely tight ship, until recently. No leaks. All of a sudden the Obama transition team looks like my hose. I'm getting sprayed from a number of unexpected quarters.

I recognize, as some have suggested that strategic leaking is a method of beta-testing a number one candidate on a short list. In this case it shouldn't seem to pertain because Hillary is a thoroughly vetted alpha-dog -person. Yeah, of course, Big Dog is the beta in her case, maybe even a gamma. But I would think if Bill Clinton can be elevated to beta level it would be all "go" for Hill. I just have my big doubts about Bill's luggage, as all of my dwindling readers know.

But this is going on for an unseemly amount of time. I just have to think if maybe the chick is just playing hard to get? Is she asking how big the ring on her finger will be? Or, how short will the leash on Joe Biden be? This possibility of HRC bargaining with the President-Elect is not appropriate and does not bode well for the eventual chain of command.

I have to wonder if Obama, having turned open an offer for Secretary of State, seeing the hose leaking as it is, might be thinking of slowly turning off the spigot. When an all-star baseball player has an offer extended to him, there's always a time limit attached to it for acceptance. Totally appropriate in both cases. Time's flying. Alternative plans must be made. to fill positions and budget payroll.

Barack can still freeze Hillary out, of course.

He could minimize her hurt feelings of being jilted by having his Senate minions sweeten her pie(s) in the legislative branch. Hillary's feelings were disclosed in the NYT by a close friend who insisted on not being named:
Her experience in the Senate with some of her colleagues has not been the easiest time for her. She’s still a very junior senator. She doesn’t have a committee. And she’s had some disappointing times with her colleagues.
It's not that elections have consequences so much as it is that shoddy, dirty, and negative campaigns do. Nevertheless, it's my hope that if Joke L. can be given what he is not due - Committee on Homeland Security - this Clinton can get some kind of recognition. Maybe she's thinking she should get two committees?

Whatever. Give the lady her due. But let's move on, huh?