Friday, January 02, 2009

Barack Obama and Muntadar Al-Zaidi ???

Are you kidding?
From the very beginning last February. I never had any delusions about the conformity of Barack Obama's campaign for the presidency and my own impeach-Busheney and end-the-occupation-now positions. Obama is a liberal, pragmatic, reality-based, world political leader. That, in itself, is an epochal improvement. He rightly opposed the invasion of Iraq as a "stupid war", but he will redeploy from Iraq "responsibly" and not fast enough to my satisfaction.

But I can still be amused by sharing the fantasies of others.

Faithful readers will remember that I celebrated Muntadar Al-Zaidi for offering his shoes to our Emperor without clothes. I thought this brave, eloquent and unique act qualified Al-Zaidi, at the very least, to be the 1st runner-up for Times Magazine's Man-of-the-Year.

Ben Heine takes this to a higher level: Obama awarding Al-Zaidi the US Medal of Freedom!

Please follow the link and read Mary Sparrowdancer's deed of gift, which I commend and endorse.

As for me, back to the reality of going to work because I will be paying for this useless and endless occupation of Iraq for the rest of my life.