Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Domestic Terrorism - A Recurrent Theme

In Mumbai, Baghdad and Kabul they call it terrorism. In our U.S.A. they call it a shooting spree.

That's what happened in Alabama today: nine innocents killed, plus one suicider shooter.

This is all part and parcel of the NRA's promotion of conceal carry: permitting the carrying of concealed hand guns under the cloak of law. The NRA says that if you prevent people from carrying side arms, only outlaws would have guns.

How about considering: if laws prohibited the carrying of loaded guns outside your home or your business, then if you caught a gun being carried in the streets, you would have caught one outlaw. Perhaps you could then bag him before he began behaving outlawish - by actually killing people. But the NRA has had its way: by legalizing the concealed carrying of side arms, police can't tell the difference between the good guys and the bad guys until the shooting starts.

In Missouri, in fact, the law is so open that pretty much any resident over 21 with a clean criminal record can legally carry a loaded gun concealed in a car, even without getting the permit.

I never was persuaded on the appeal of conealed carry. It seems to me:
  • By the time you realize that deadly force is appropriate, the bad guy very likely has an advantage over you. Remember that virtually every police officer slain on the job was armed and trained in self defense.
  • The more you handle your gun, the more likely a child will get hold of it.
  • Misuse of a gun, accidentally or deliberately, might cost you your liberty, your home and your bank account.
  • Carrying a gun may make you cocky enough to fight when you ought to run.
No matter.

Let's continue with the comparison with domestic and international terrorism:

In the Middle East they have suicide vests; in our own Mid-West, we have the NRA Concealed Carry Vest.

Description: We’ve sold thousands of these vests to NRA Members who are quickly making it one of our most popular items of all time. Perfect for concealed carry, competitive shooting, off duty law enforcement, outdoor photography or just traveling around town. Made of 100% cotton double wall canvas with a full-zip and snap front closure. Features two interior pockets with an internal velcro panel that accepts any velcro-backed holster or accessory, such as the 5.11 Tactical pouches (not included). These pouches allow you to conveniently carry a concealed firearm, extra magazines and a flashlight or mace. Sixteen well-designed specialized pockets for cell phone, water bottle, writing instruments, etc. Available with or without NRA logo. Vented in the back for cool everyday wear. Price: $69.95-$74.95

That's what I learned today. Continuing education teaches me the older I become, the less I understand.

Paws de Deux

I've found another blog site where I can post occasionally, when I am of mind to. It's hosted by an old friend who's agreed to take me on.

Lil' Bill is not the sort of blog-meister who will edit my contributions out of all recognition (FUBAR) or just plain delete them when she disagrees with them. That's fine with me (as well as good for a change).

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