Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Al Qaeda -vs- the NRA (Pittsburgh Sequel)

22-year-old Richard Poplawski is the trigger-man this time. He opened fire with a high-powered rifle and an AK-47.

Poplawski was anti-semitic, anti-government, anti-police and convinced there is a plot afoot to take away the arsenal of guns he had amassed. Poplawski's posts are here, authored under the handle, "Braced For Fate."
(Oops! They have been taken down.)

Edward Perkovic, who described himself as Mr. Poplawski's lifelong best friend, said
He was really into politics and really into the First and Second amendment. One thing he feared was he feared the gun ban because he thought that was going to take away peoples' right to defend themselves. He never spoke of going out to murder or to kill.
More of this is to come. Perhaps to your previously 'quiet neighborhood'. And mine.