Thursday, August 06, 2009

Time Out for a Public Service Announcement

The attentive reader will have noticed that the title of this column did not include the phrase, "Government Service". That's because my largely American readership does not like the word "government". I didn't want to turn people off by committing a party-foul. It's a cultural thing.

Therefore, even though the subject is 'government', I employ the euphemism of 'public'. After all, doesn't every close student of current politics appreciate how much better
"public health insurance" and "public option"
as opposed to the alternate phrasing preferred by the Party of NO?

But this is almost beside the point of today's column.

The real point is that my favorite blogging acquaintance de jour, Stimpson Writes, has generously introduced to all of us a wonderfully timely and important resource, Government Is Good.

I, in turn, will do as much as I can to promulgate awareness of this site and its Unapologetic Defense of a Vital Institution.
At first glance, this site seems to me to be where I should spend my reading time while I should be working.