Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Thanks for the compliment, Wizard. . . .

But this one is for you....

I have refrained from joining in the chorale feeding frenzy on Mark Foley, as the Wizard rightly observed in a comment on my previous post. Part of my restraint comes from a hope that Progressives distinguish themselves from 'regressives' and 'retrogressives' in taking the high road on issues and not the low road of the politics of personal destruction. And another part comes from a sensibility that one should not take his eye off the ball in the main ball game - the strategic 'big' picture - which is the central subject and purpose of this Vigil I am keeping.

That big picture is Bush, himself. Bush and his extra-constitutional excesses, foreign and domestic, which threaten to shake and erode our American heritage to its foundations every day he remains in office. But that's just me and my personal thing with Bush.

I do not minimize or otherwise find fault with pundits, comedians, bloggers or demonstrators who are thrilling to the chase from Foley to Hastert and beyond. Liberals will do what Liberals will do. I wish them well and Godspeed in dismantling the GOP machine, wherever it shows weakness, brick by rotting, crumbling brick. The sooner we have Congressional majorities, the sooner we can have oversight, the sooner we can have subpoenas and sworn testimonies and the sooner we can get the truth out, etc., etc. At the end of this road, sooner or later, we will get to the man himself. As I said this morning on The Enigmatic Paradox,
I don't really care who joins in on tearing the clothes off the emperor. I'm just impatient to see all his soiled and torn remnants on the floor.
My real problem is with certain complacent Liberals and traditional tax-minded conservatives who say they 'don't like Bush much but, oh well, he'll be gone in a couple of years'. These so-called anti-Bush ("tch-tch") conservatives can be thought of as Weimar Republicans: along with the passive liberals, they pretend that Bushsolini and Rovebbels are running just one more in a long line of Republican presidencies, peopled by superannuated ex-prep boys and fraternity pranksters, recipients of 'legacy' privileges at Ivy League colleges and who are preoccupied with avoiding their estate taxes. They are deluding themselves.

Bush and Cheney are not so much constitutionally-guided office holders as they are members of a megalomaniacal junta driven to maximize power at the expense of the constitution. As such, it will not be sufficient merely to throw their party out in 2008, as in the normal natural order of succession in American politics. These Neocons have wreaked such a potentially lasting and devastating effect on our domestic order and international standing, that they have to be repudiated through impeachment before their term is up.

It will simply not do for the American electoral system to merely digest them for another two years and excrete them in 2008. This crud has to be puked out before it rots our Constitution any further.

The Numbers Game.

The Tragically Bad News: 21 US troops have been killed in Iraq since Saturday, with 8 killed on Monday alone.

The Good News: The American people smell the coffee on Bush's un-provoked, unnecessary, largely unilateral invasion and unplanned occupation of Iraq (UULUIUOI), and they don't cotton to its bitter taste.

According to the latest CNN Poll:
  • 39% think Bush is doing a good job as president.

  • 42% will vote for the Republican candidate in November.

  • 53% said that they planned to vote Democrat in November.

  • 57% said the Iraq War has made the US less safe from terrorism.

  • 58% said that the Bush administration misled the public on how the war is going.

  • 59% said they disapprove of the job Bush is doing as president.

  • 61% said that they oppose the Iraq War.

  • 66% said that they disapprove of the way that Bush is handling the Iraq War.
The Bastards are not yet on the run, but their worm has turned.

BTW, speaking of numbers and
as a matter of historical perspective, who can tell me how many times Bush used the word "IRAQ" in his second inaugural speech on 20-Jan-05?