Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Contempt of Congress

Tell the tales of the two Monicas!

Put Monica Goodling on the wheel? Absolutely. If she's going parlay her diploma from Regis University to play with the big boys, she's got to take the oath before the Senate Committee(s)! Absolutely! Bimbo Monica Lewinski had to testify. Why not legal beagle Monica Goodling, the sweet little Christian pettifogger?

Elections have consequences. March madness is over and it's time for baseball. Major League Hardball! The time for Bush leaguers is over. The rhubarb is ripe. Time for a bench clearing brawl.

April Fools Has Passed

Who's the Biggest Fool at Last?
  • Bush is impeaching himself.
  • The Executive has abdicated his diplomatic responsibilities.
  • There's a New Communicator in Town.
  • The Speaker-of-the-House is in Damascus.

wait a few seconds

Watch it now!