Sunday, June 24, 2007

When The Real President Steps Down in 2009

What will he say?
George told me to do it!
Dick did it without telling me!
POSTSCRIPT: I have a couple of disclaimers to register about the appropriateness of the art at the head of this column.
  1. Before getting on the water this morning, I just had to dash off something on the subject of Cheney's now fully- and self-disclosed function and location: he (thinks he) has established himself as a separate branch of American government, unique in its being totally unaccountable to anyone. It was important to do so in order to mark this juncture in our nation's swirling downward cycle toward unconstitutional autocracy. This has been much commented upon in the blogosphere, as well it should be. I just had to get on the record at this point in this current Weimarian swerve in our American republic's history.

  2. Despite the implication in the graphic, I have never subscribed to the theory that Bush is stupid. Far from it: he is only stupid 'like a fox'. I think of Bush, instead, as the head of a cult: a cult of feigned stupidity, a modern know-nothing. But he is ingenious. Together with Cheney, he has contrived to get people to vote against their own schools, against their own medicine, against their own science, against their own class and national interests; against their own planet. Talk about suiciders! Bush at bottom represents the high priest of self-destructive, kool-aid swilling, mass suicides. He has met and surpassed James Jones' ability in getting the masses sacrifice for him. Iraq-Nam is simply the most protracted and most profligate sacrifice running. He has the nation pointlessly squandering even more blood and treasure so that he and Cheney will not have to eat and regurgitate the war and occupation they have served us before they are excused from the table on 20 January 2009.