Thursday, January 31, 2008

R.I.P., Red October

1 Oct 1994 - 31 Jan 2008
A.K.A. Brandeis, Diceman, Bando, Redoct, B-Dawg, Bandokins, Mr. Dawg, Special Dog, Alpha Dog, Marine.

This guy was a Dawg among dogs. In his day, he:
  • Dominated different off-the-leash parks like a congenial and gentle bouncer in his immaculate, three-piece suit which no quadruped or biped would dare sniff or touch without permission.
  • Made the Brown Trout Doberman Pinscher calendar three times in four years.
  • demonstrated Frisbee and tennis virtuosity with breath-taking hang-times and over-the-shoulder catches.
  • Learned how to swim and surf at the age of seven so that predatory Labradors could no longer steal his Frisbees or sticks.
  • Serially killed intruders (no cats!) in home and yard, recording a two-digit body-count.
  • Risked his life foolishly pursuing coyotes and Snowy Plovers for hours.
  • Always welcomed grandchildren (6!) as a host, playmate and protector.
  • Never lost a family wrestling match or game of 'lap-nip'.
  • Maintained a perfect record as a watch-dog for one and a third decades, barking only at barkable offenses.
  • Learned how to walk the neighborhood without no stinkin' leash. (the most reliable early morning, crack-of-dawn blogger in the neighborhood).
  • Served as extra, living, and breathing bed-warmer and blanket in winters.
  • Exhibited perfect table manners - always walking through the house after a meal to find and thank the cook.
  • Enthusiastically washed dishes 24-7 (never drying!).
  • Loved, parks, hills, forests, beaches and car rides - even if they were just for errands - to the very end.
We aged and grew wise together. From where will my wisdom come now? In the end, the best we could give you is a comfortable, painless release from a long life, fully lived. No tears from here. Only cheers....