Tuesday, November 04, 2008

One, Two, Three, Four! What Is It That We Are Voting For?

I'm finding myself with less and less to say these days. I'm really puzzled.

One reason may be that I've already said what I have to say from the beginning of my blogging -- starting with Busheney's ill-considered invasion and occupation of Iraq. In fact, I've said it all many times and in many ways. What remains unsaid?

I feel like apologizing to my children and grandchildren for any omissions and understatements I may have inadvertently left on the record pertaining to the infamy of the last eight years in American history and the first eight years of the 21st century.

Busheney's naked and unprovoked aggression against, and occupation of, Iraq, directly resulting in the squandering of 4,189 American KIA, and thousands more maimed; 1.3 millions of Iraqis killed and their infrastructure obliterated; and the expenditure of $3 trillion (and still counting). For their initiating a needless war through lying and manipulating intelligence, I wanted to see Busheney impeached.

Failing impeachment, I wanted the 2008 election to be a referendum on repudiating the Busheney years. I wished for the warmongering party, the Republicans, a landslide defeat of tsunami proportions. For historical clarification, I was not disappointed to see the Republicans play that tired, dog-eared old deuce of clubs from the bottom of the deck, named McCain. (It did not surprise me, because all the other cards remaining in their deck were jokers.) McCain had been a crusading NeoCon before Bush and Cheney made it trendy.

But, alas, this election will prove not to have been a verdict on Iraquagmire. There are an infinite number of Bush errors which are simmering on the surface of voter discontent, starting with the economy (stupid!) and continuing with two wars, an endless occupation, and the growing gap between the wealthy and the rest of us, which, together, have combined to run our nation's economy into the mud, along with our international image.

And then there is the ascent of Barack Obama, a candidate incredibly over-qualified for the Presidency. A moderate, middle-of-the-roader, and centrist, he disappoints me: He will not repudiate Bush's occupation by evacuating Iraq as capriciously as Bush invaded. Post election, he will not direct his Attorney General to prosecute Bush and his men for their myriad crimes against the Constitution or international law. His temperate political restraint, for me, is lamentable and unsatisfying.

But this man has the mettle to accept the challenge presented by Busheney's trail of destruction and devastation. His defeat of Hillary Clinton and John McCain shows communication, organizational and leadership skills sorely vacant from the POTUS in recent memory. In Senator Obama, I sense the embodiment and the personification of change. I feel the presence of a person who can resolve issues which our country has forever called out to be settled. Barack Obama is a closer.

If I cannot vote today on Iraquagmire, it's not exactly a dismal consolation to be voting for elite political leadership, going forward. Not to do so would be to turn one's back on fortune. And the good fortune of extraordinary statesmanship is exactly what is required to clean up the many messes which Busheney leave us as they depart the scene of their crimes.